Energy Land Management

Since 1988, our Company has provided energy land management services to corporations and individual owners. We have identified, negotiated, documented and closed numerous purchase and sale transactions and identifed new growth opportunities for our clients in the oil and gas and mining sectors. Our team of qualified consultants can provide A+D services, mineral land negotiations, property evaluations and mineral management. We have also helped our clients improve their balance sheet by eliminating future asset retirement obligations ("ARO") for operated and non-operated wells and facilities. Send us a confidential email with your project requirements and we will respond promptly.


Liability ManagEMENT, Purchase & Sale TRAnsactions


Oil and gas mineral, surface and ARO services


mineral rights & ROYALTY valuationS


Valuations of mineral rights for estate or sale


 technology and fuels for power generation


We connect producers to power generators


Mineral Rights and Royalties

Baycrest Energy Ltd. is a privately held Company (1988) which owns oil and gas royalties, Gross Royalty Trusts and mineral rights, primarily in Western Canada. We know the royalty business. Through our network of consultants, our Company can provide non-reserve undeveloped land evaluations and oil and gas consulting services. Using qualified third-party consultants, we can also assist with obtaining engineering evaluations of oil and gas assets. We also assist clients in the purchase and sale of mineral rights and royalties. Our understanding of the oil and gas industry is significant and our network of industry contacts and associates is broad.

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We have buyers of natural gas for on-site power generation

We have clients in the power generation sector that need natural gas as fuel for "within the fence" power generation. Wells that can produce 50-500 mcfd of dry natural gas are preferred. In many cases these reserves will be stranded so contact us now to discuss terms.  We charge a marketing fee for our services.


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